Caring For Our Dachshunds

Raising Resilient Puppies

Our pups are born and raised in our home where they are under constant supervision as they learn to adapt to household noises such as the TV, vacuum, the cat and kids playing.

They are weighed from birth to make sure they are getting enough food and growing well.

From day three we run a neurological stimulating program with them and every day we handle and cuddle them.

They start a worming program from week two as parasites have a detrimental effect on young pups development.

All our Adults are regularly wormed and flea treated too, as a prevention.
We also let the mums naturally wean the pups off and the mum also teaches the pups not to bite too hard and to behave, they listen very well if their mumma tells them off!

At 4 weeks of age we toilet train them on a grass potty mat so that they are already used to toileting when you get your pup. Consistency is key.

When the pups leave us (8 weeks onward) we will provide you with an email outlining the food they are used to, toileting and socialization.
Plus the DNA Paperwork of the parents.

Vet check, the first vaccine, worming, microchip and the flight either to Tasmania or Melbourne is included in the cost of the puppy.

We will also provide you with a contract of sale so that you have proof of purchase and so that we have a reference as well.
We are available any time for after care should you have any questions or help is needed.

I normally organize all flights to your destination should you need an extra flight, I will provide you with the quote number that you pay to Interstate Pet Transpot directly.
They give us a breeders discount that is automatically passed on to you. We try to make the whole process as hassle free as possible.

But mostly, lots of love makes for happy healthy puppies!