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Where all the dogs have happy wagging tails! We are Harriet and Marian Jnr.

Praise and Testimonials

"I love my gorgeous little man, he is still only young and is lots of fun trying to train him. He is an absolute delight. Dealing with Dog Tails as a family business is great."

Nola Brown Andrew Ajay

"We love our boys Loki and Levi who we got from Dog Tails. 10/10 it was the best and easiest experience to have if you want a well bred pup. Both boys have such unique personalities and were the missing pieces to our family! We love them so much, couldn't recommend anyone more!"

Ashleigh Marth Loki and Levi

"Our experience was 10/10. Very friendly, and made the whole experience easy and enjoyable. Our puppy Mila is beautiful and healthy and has a really nice temperament. If you guys are thinking of having your own I would definitely encourage it."

Darcy Kennedy Mila

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Our Story

Welcome to Dogtails Lionsgate! We are the founding members of Dogtails King Island and from there our family has grown into the wonderful dog family we are today! We take pride in producing healthy happy pups with fantastic personalities. Everyone deserves the experience of a puppy that will bring love and joy into the home. There are many wonderful people in the Dachshund community to make friends with, and they are really good for the spirit for anyone of any age. I am the Middle Marian that mostly goes by Harriet to avoid confusion. As some of you know there are three Marian Harriet’s; my Mum, Myself and my daughter, young Marian. Our name is one we are very proud of and has been passed to our daughters for generations! We live on the picturesque King Island in the middle of the Bass Strait... the air is clean, the wind is wild and the dogs love it! We provide the best of care to our furry family and make sure they have the best of everything. In winter they have under tile heated floors and in summer on the hot days they have an air conditioner to keep them nice and cool, and on all the other days they have big play yards filled with things to play with and jump on. Temperament is extremely important to us as many of our pups go to adults and children with special needs . We hope our dogs bring you lots of love and joy!

Meet Our Dogs!

Bluemoon (Blue)

This is Blue, our beautiful cream stud. He has a very outgoing personality and loves to run around with the girls ;) Blue is responsible for most of our cream puppies and we love him to bits.


This is Merlin. He is a piebald dilute boy. Merlin is one of our younger dogs and he has the energy to show it. He loves to bounce around the yard and play with the others, but he also likes to come and sit with us when his energy is running a little low.


Leo is our original imported cream boy, the start of it all! He's still going strong and is a joyful little man to be around. Leo always has his eye on the prize, whether it's a girl or a cat, he's a go-getter...


This is Mac. He is one of our older dogs, a stunning chocolate and tan, dapple piebald. Mac is the calmer of our boys and likes to be with his people.


Tessa is our adorable little chocolate and tan, dapple Piebald girl. She has the sweetest personality, always excited and happy. She loves to explore new places, and be carried around to said new places.


Shakira is our shaded cream girl from an imported bloodline. She has a very calm, dignified personality. She is quite a curious girl and prefers to slowly explore and have a sniff.


Izelle is a gorgeous shaded red girl, who also carries cream and chocolate! She is very lovable and is often running around in the grass with the other girls.

Purple Rain (Rain)

Rain is a quiet girl, very calm and attentive. She is an ee cream, and one of our younger girls. She loves to sit in the sun and watch the world around her. 


Our Queen of Dachshunds, Khaleesi, is a longhaired chocolate and tan, and a piebald carrier. She is our resident food fiend and always devours her meals like a dragon.


Roxie is a black and tan piebald shorthair who carries longhair. She is a super playful girl who loves nothing more than to dig a big hole and cover herself in sand.


Piper is Marian Jnr's little chocolate and tan piebald girl. Piper is very excitable and always looks like she's having a great time wherever she may be.

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